Friday, May 02, 2008

Friday Frank: The Lost VHS Interview (?), ca. 1990*

You have to understand, I've always been interested
in fireworks and chemistry...

This is a fascinating piece, believed to be taped in the early 90's*; Mr. Zappa was probably quite ill when it was recorded. The quality is pretty raw--the video flickers ceaselessly--but still...I'd rather listen to the steady wisdom and wit of even a flickering Frank than just about anyone these days.

He discusses his early life and musical influences, his family, the screwed-up priorities of newspapers who put Ike playing golf on the cover while relegating scientists' creation of living cell material to the back pages...oh, all sorts of things. It's truly a gem for Zappaphiles, though sadly it ends mid-sentence and leaves one wanting more. Apparently, more exists, though, and it will be posted soon. (Hooray!)

Via YouTube member nwrhino, who notes:

It was buried in the old VHS vault. The total interview runs about an hour and covers music politics and popular culture from 1950s through 1990. I love the fact that Frank is smoking throughout the interview.

I am recuperating from a lower back injury right now, hence the scarcity of new posts. (True story. Don't ask.) Also, my gastroenterologist has given me strict orders to avoid reading or writing about politics until my poor stomach lining heals. (Kidding. But only somewhat.) In the meantime, though,

Happy May and Bon Weekend, everyone!

*Upon my fourth listen, I noticed that the interviewer starts with a mention of FZ's age, from "1940 to 1990...fifty...fifty-one", so I'm going to go with late 1990.

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