To be--President, that is--or not to be. That is the question.

The one Al Gore must ask himself every day.

Will he run? Of course. Of course not.

Mr. Gore hasn't given his answer--certainly not out loud--and I have to say, the suspense is killing me, and it's whipping the media into a frenzy. This NY Times tidbit doesn't do a thing to calm the buzz in either case:

Throwing a curveball into speculation about both his - and Al Gore’s - political future, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg made a provocative comment today about a possible Gore presidential run.

“I hope Al Gore enters the race; I think it would be good for the country,” the mayor said.

Mr. Bloomberg this week moved to establish his chops as an environmental mayor by proposing congestion pricing for those who drive into Manhattan. While many have speculated about the Mayor himself running for president, could he be open to directing some of his fortune, and political clout, to Al Gore?

I couldn't agree more, Mr. Bloomberg.

Besides which, I have several friendly bets riding on this. Come on, Al, won't you please run for president?

[Via HuffPo]

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