Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Florida's proposed Amendment 2, the Right to Medical Marijuana Initiative, begets advocacy group Kush Liberty

As the November elections draw near, with Amendment 2--commonly known as the Florida Right to Medical Marijuana Initiative--getting plenty of press in our state, I wanted to share this press release sent to me today:

Kush Liberty of Tampa, Florida, a group of local marijuana advocatesthat provide marijuana news and resources via their websiteKushLiberty.com, are raising funds for an online community and mobile application that will serve as advocacy tools for the legalization of marijuana for medicinal and industrial uses.
The Group is asking for $30,000 with which the team will produce an online community, a mobile application, and the necessary marketing and promotional tools to build awareness of the Group's offerings. The online community will be an extension of the current website and will provide a safe environment for users to communicate publicly or privately and to organize meet-ups and rallies. The Android/Apple mobile app will provide updated stats and information about the legalization of marijuana. The Group feels these tools will enable the community to be effective advocates who will then work to spark the vote in Florida and beyond. 

Lots more information here.

Be sure to get out and vote, everyone!