Saturday, May 03, 2008

Obama Wins Guam By (Very) Narrow Margin

Senator Barack Obama has won Saturday's Guam caucuses by an incredible seven (7) votes. Obama held a strong lead throughout, but Senator Hillary Clinton gained considerable ground when the last district was counted--not enough to defeat Obama, but certainly enough to come really close:

HAGATNA, Guam - Barack Obama has defeated Hillary Rodham Clinton in Saturday's Democratic caucuses on Guam by just seven votes in a race that has assumed greater importance because of the candidates' scrapping for every delegate.

More than 4,500 island Democrats voted.

Neither candidate campaigned on the island in person.

Results of the all-night count completed Sunday morning Guam time show delegates pledged to Obama with 2,264 votes to 2,257 for Clinton's slate.

The territory sends the equivalent of four pledged delegates and five superdelegates to the National Convention in August in Denver although U.S. citizens on the island have no vote in the November election.

Voters also picked two superdelegates by electing a new party chairman who is uncommitted and a vice chairman who supports Obama.

One other existing superdelegate has favored Clinton and the remaining two are uncommitted.

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