Monday, July 26, 2010

Is Sarah Palin gunnning for 2012? ~ Open Thread ~

Stephen sent me this yesterday, so you can blame him. I have to say, I was thoroughly amused to learn that even Taiwanese animation artists are making fun of the Teabaggers. My favorite part is when she uses the toy spell-check gadget. How about you?

We are melting here in Florida, just melting. I might have to break out the ice-cream making machine and see what we have lying around the fridge that can be turned into cold sweetness. Then again, it would take less effort to drive down the street and pick up some Haagen Dazs Five (I recommend Ginger). Then again, again, it would take less effort still to just sit here, mired in my inertia, and wish for someone else to do it all for me...

(Yes, it really is that stupefyingly hot here today.)

Is anyone actually getting anything done this week?

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