Saturday, October 11, 2008

Friday Saturday Frank: Welcome to The United States; With Ensemble Modern, 1992

This was one of FZ's last appearances on stage, conducting Ensemble Modern in a rousing rendition of his witty Welcome to the United States.

As someone who appreciates all of Frank Zappa's musical incarnations--the comedy songs, the guitar albums, and the classical creations alike--I loved this piece for its deliberate overlapping of genres and its gentle (and not-so-gentle) jabs at the risible pompousness of the INS--an agency that, in name at least, exists no longer, having been absorbed into the Department of Homeland Security after You Know What.

Forgive the light posting these past couple of weeks, by the way--a combination of family events, school-related matters, viruses, cat mutinies, car-in-the-shop days, teenager angst, domestic chaos, stock market anxiety, insomnia, exhaustion, and a nasty art-class-related Exacto-knife wound (sustained by Son Two, not me) have kept me from sitting down and actually writing anything of length or substance. I'll be back, older and wiser, shortly. There is, after all, an election going on, right?!

Bon Weekend, everyone.


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