Tuesday, October 14, 2008

David Frum: Witty, Sarcastic Wiberals Make Fun of My Fwends and Hurt My Feelings

You know, when your party--a party that, I might add, put into office the Worst President in American History With Whom You'd Like to Have a Non-Alcoholic Beer; led the lie-ridden battle cry to invade a sovereign nation; drained the Treasury and drove us into the current record-breaking, staggering debt; assaulted the Constitution at every turn...oh, you know the drill--anyway, when your party, which has veered so far from the core values of true, capital-C Conservatism with its borrow-spend-deregulate-obliterate mentality, is finally exposed for the crony-and-lobbyist-filled sham it actually is, and your top two office-seekers are exposed for the race-baiting, lying charlatans they are, you really have no right (so to speak) to attack the Left.

No right whatsoever, David Frum.

And try as you may to work that old equivalency meme--"Wah wah wah...why can't we elevate the discourse...wah wah wah...the Left's sarcastic, unserious commentary based on fact is just as bad as our V.P.-nominee calling the Democratic Presidential nominee a terrorist and whipping up a crowd of violent thugs to the point where they yell out assassination threats while she stands there and does nothing"--I'm afraid you are not going to get that rubbish to fly, sir.

And throwing it at our brilliant, talented, ten-times-more-intelligent-than-you Rachel Maddow is not going to win friends or influence anyone, either.

Watch the video of last night's show and see this disgraceful human being for yourself. Mad props to the über-professional Rachel for keeping her cool and responding appropriately (to put it mildly).

UPDATE: Mr. Frum blames his interview crankiness on jet-lag and then takes a sarcastic (!) swipe at liberals who e-mailed him because they correctly refer to Rachel as Dr.--not Ms.--Maddow.

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