Sunday, August 10, 2008

Vintage Fashion, Everlasting Style

The elegant American actress--and soon-to-be princess--Grace Kelly,
wearing ice-blue satin*

Oooh, the Huffington Post has definitely got my attention now--check out their inaugural Women of Style post, which features NYC resident Katherine Johnstone, a fellow vintage maven and thrift-store habitué:

The women selected for this feature must have no formal affiliation with the fashion industry; nor can they have a personal stylist. The clothes and accessories are part of each subject's personal wardrobe, and cannot be provided by a designer or sittings editor.

Our inaugural subject is Ms. Katherine Johnstone, a New York-born Francophile with a flair for dramatic nostalgia. She is a press attaché for the French Government's Tourist Office. Her primary job responsibility: "Making sure Franco-American love affair stays alive."

Ms. Johnstone's approach to fashion demonstrates that money doesn't make the girl. A true vintage goddess, Ms. Johnstone, 29, has amassed the stunning wardrobe of a 1950s film star - almost entirely from thrift stores and flea markets around the globe.

The money quote:

Q: Why should the modern, educated woman care about style?

A: If you put all that time and work into your education, your resume, and your job, why would you not want to put a similar effort into your appearance?!?

More like this, please.

(*The legendary costume designer Edith Head created this dress, which reportedly cost many thousands of dollars--in the 1950's!--for Grace. So its price tag is not exactly comparable to that of your typical Goodwill find. If you do happen across its like in a thrift store, though, perhaps you could be a love and e-mail me as to the whereabouts of that thrift store...).


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