Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday Evening Smooth

How awesome is Christopher Walken? This awesome:

I first saw this Fatboy Slim video last year and loved watching one of my favorite actors showing off his moves. I completely related to the urge to dance down the empty halls of a big hotel and hop onto the brass luggage cart so as to spin it around and ride it like a skateboard--surely you've felt that way? Hell, I still feel like doing that whenever I travel, and in supermarkets, if there is no-one else in the aisle, I run with the shopping cart to pick up speed, jump on, and pretend I'm surfing as I zoom past the shelves of paper towels and cleaning stuff (usually that's the least-populated section).

I never forgot how to pirouette, and I miss going dancing so much, it's not even funny (at some point, we will once again live within shouting distance of civilization, I keep hoping). Cheers to you for never growing up, Chris--I hear it's overrated, anyway.


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