Wednesday, April 19, 2006

W Plans Test of Potent New Bomb; Media Discuss Baby Names

Randi Rhodes speaks to Lou Dobbs about the bomb detonation that's planned for June 2nd at a nuclear testing site in Nevada. See the clip on Crooks & Liars. Just go and watch it.

Rhodes: What do we do? If every single camera that's available in the media -- cable-wide, network-wide -- is not in Nevada at the nuclear test site on June 2nd to watch 1.4 millions pounds of explosives be blown up so they can do the math and figure out how to make a tactical nuke, a smaller nuclear weapon that will represent that much firepower for Iran -- if we don't show America this mushroom cloud that will explode in Nevada on the 2nd of June, there is no hope for the American people, there is no hope for the media.

You asked me last time I was here, Who's fault is it? And I said, "It's our fault; it's the media's fault." We have to tell this story. This president is manifestly insane. Donald Rumsfeld is insane.

I urge anyone reading this to forward the information to members of your local media*. Just in case they were, you know, distracted by other important issues.

*Especially if you live in Nevada.

(Hat-tip to my buddy NB in Tampa)

UPDATE: I am informed that the bomb to be tested on June 2 is actually a new, extremely powerful conventional bomb called Divine Strake, as opposed to a nuclear weapon, as one might infer from the discussion on Lou Dobbs' show. Please refer to The Dark Wraith's story Currencies of War for in-depth information about this bomb, its capability to collapse large structures (like nuclear facilities) without using nuclear components itself, and its implications in America's ongoing saber-rattling match with Iran.

UPDATE 2: According to an April 14, 2006 statement on the Website of the Las Vegas CBS affiliate, the explosion of Divine Strake will go on as planned.

State regulators raised questioned about pollution and hazardous material from the Divine Strake blast, but state officials say they will meet Nevada's air quality regulations.

The Nevada Test Site has a blasting permit to set off a 700-ton non-nuclear explosion.

State officials say they will not block the Defense Threat Reduction agency from the experiment, which is scheduled for June 2.

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