Thursday, April 20, 2006

Armbands for Peace

Shakes' Sis just forwarded me an email from a newly-assembled group called Armbands for Peace.

On April 17, 2006 Randi Rhodes (syndicated Liberal talk show host) made the suggestion that we need to start a wearing armbands to show our resistance the dangerous warmongering Bush administration. We are all terrified he's about to start a nuclear war with Iran. It's past time to protest daily. So a few of her listeners got together and we decided to start the Armbands for Peace movement. A silent daily protest by wearing a simple black armband that says "NO WAR" on your arm.


We hooked up with an embroidery house and have ordered these fabric armbands that are stitched in white thread. They are available on our website for $5.00 (proceeds will benefit Goldstar Families for Peace & Paralyzed Veterans of America).

Members of the movement also suggest making your own black armband if you wish, but nonetheless urge everyone concerned about the possibility probability that the United States will begin another war Operation Freedom Exercise in the Middle East to join the silent protest by wearing a No War armband.

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