Saturday, September 29, 2012

The GOP's shocking (yet unsurprising) attempt to steal the election: Why is Nathan Sproul still walking around as a free man?

Here's tireless blogger Brad Friedman on Thom Hartmann's show discussing the amazing Republican voter registration fraud that Mitt Romney's paid consultant and long-time GOP operative Nathan Sproul almost got away with.  Sproul and his firm Strategic Allied Consulting, at the behest of the Florida RNC (and those of other states, it's now coming out) who hired them, had been sending in address changes for Democrats in at least ten Florida counties, re-registering them as living in various strip malls and commercial buildings; this way, when said Democrats went to vote, they would be turned away or forced to vote using provisional (aka not counted) ballots. Disenfranchising them, in short.

His firm were also registering deceased people in Palm Beach County and other Florida counties.

Of course, the Florida RNC are scrambling to distance themselves from Sproul, despite having paid his company some USD$1.3 million this year alone. But even as they're trying to remove the stench that is their effort to steal the election for The Stench, it now comes out Sproul was doing the same thing in other key battleground states.

From The Brad Blog:

Since that appearance, FL officials are now confirming "suspicious and possibly fraudulent voter registration forms" in "at least ten counties" in the state, which shatters the "one bad apple", "just one individual in Palm Beach" talking point which the AP had been helping both the RNC and Sproul's shell company, Strategic Allied Consulting, pass on to the public late last night. 
There will be more on this, as the story continues to be both developing and fast moving. I'm working on pulling together several threads all at once over here, as there is evidence that this scandal is larger than just the five key battleground states (FL, NC, VA, NV, CO) acknowledged by the RNC, so far, where Sproul's firm was working.

Friedman notes that Sproul has been doing this for years.

I want to know why Nathan Sproul, along with any and all persons involved in all this baldfaced fraud, is not in prison.  Electoral fraud is a serious federal crime

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  1. Isn't this a good example of the electoral fraud the Republicans lately obsess so much about?

    How apt that it's a Republican doing it.

  2. Deb, Thanks for this. I trust this story gets the attention it demands, but I'm not holding my breath. Even in the twitterverse today I didn't see enough mention of it. It's the hanging chad story of 2012. Except I agree, premeditated voter fraud demands prosecution. Florida 2000 was fell-in-our-lap, after-the-fact suppression.