Friday, December 23, 2011

Steve Martin's Christmas Wish

I couldn't resist posting this classic SNL Christmas clip. I first experienced Steve Martin's unique wit when I attended a concert of his at the University of Florida, waaaaay back in the day (late 1970's). It was during his arrow-on-the-head period. I remember his hilarious "my cat is a criminal" bit, wherein he confessed to buying cat-cuffs to keep his feline from shoplifting. (You had to be there.)

This SNL spot may or may not be the first of a few classic Christmas clips I post; it all depends on the traffic out there this afternoon!

Anyway, allow me to take this opportunity to wish my readers a truly fabulous holiday. Let's all wish for PEACE in the New Year.

With love and thanks for your friendship,



  1. Funny!

    Merry Christmas, and lots of strength for a kick-ass 2012. We're gonna need it.

  2. Yes indeed--it's going to be an interesting year. Courage!

  3. And for the icing on the cake:

    “Obama Again Unconstitutionally Claims Unconstitutional War Powers in a Signing Statement”

  4. I can only shake my head sadly at this point. When the notion of prosecuting the war criminals seemed to evaporate into thin air and then, when he actively sought to prevent OTHER countries from prosecuting the war criminals, that told me all I needed to know about the administration's respect for the Constitution, which is to say, they have none.

  5. I hope you had a pleasant Christmas and and will have an even better New Year.

    I loved Steve Martin on SNL, and have always had a crush on him. I found out later he studied Philosophy (like me), and that explained his serious undertones (to me, at least).

    Alas, he's been in some of the worst films, though some weren't bad.

  6. Hi Deb -- Just saw this giant version of your fly-eating plant: a rat-eating plant.

    When I attended the Chelsea show (years ago!), the prize winner was a red delphinium. Not at all good looking.

    A very happy and prosperous 2012 to you.