Thursday, April 28, 2011

Florida radio journalist arrested for asking questions at Allen West's townhall meeting

This is fellow Floridian Nicole Sandler asking a followup question of Congressman Allen West at a townhall in South Florida yesterday.

West was reciting the party line, namely, that the Republicans have this brilliant idea--"Let's bring in the magic of the marketplace to run health care for seniors, because something something competition and lowered prices, oooh, look at the birdie!"

And Nicole had the gall to stand up and call it what it is: "You're PRIVATIZING Medicare!"

So they arrested her.

That is correct: at a townhall meeting, wherein politicians are supposed to engage their constituents in debate and conversation about pressing topics of concern--and, I'd add, right here in the United States of America--a concerned, compassionate citizen and mother is ARRESTED and taken to jail for daring to point out that the dishonest puppet Emperor isn't wearing any clothes.

More as details develop.


Michael at Pushing Rope also has videos of Nicole's arrest, however in the second clip (not posted here) it's obvious the footage is edited. Not by Michael, it must be noted, but rather, by whoever shot that footage. Said cameraperson removed the parts shown in the first one (which *is* posted above)--that is, the part where Nicole stands up and calls West out on his Medicare-killing and asks if this isn't privatizing; she keeps repeating her questions. The footage then jumps straight from Allen's previous comments to Nicole being led out and then handcuffed. Her actual questions to Allen were removed so as to be able to use the smarmy title Allen West heckled; Heckler arrested. *sigh*


Nicole Sandler will appear on Cenk's show on MSNBC at 6:15pm this evening.

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