Friday, July 23, 2010

Sarah Palin doesn't care: The Movie

Via Sully, this exceedingly clever little Xtranormal video illustrates the sheer insanity and recklessness involved in what Palin claims she did on the day of the so-called Wild Ride. Most of which, of course, never actually happened, because she wasn't really pregnant. (Even the red-jacketed Palin caricature in this video isn't pregnant, ha!) To be fair, she did give a speech. And she did fly home.

Yet once more, then, for our weirdly and inexplicably squeamish, sexist, ethically-challenged Barbecue Media:

The Empress has no clothes. Kindly investigate same.

UPDATE: Reader Rationalist sends along another Xtranormal clip; this one depicts the conversation between ex-governor Palin and CBJ (Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson, general practitioner) as it really went down:

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