Sunday, July 11, 2010

More on our Truly Bloody Awful mainstream media

Driftglass has written (and illustrated) an exceptionally awesome Sunday Morning Coming Down post today. Go read it. Right now.

An amuse-bouche:
However based on the sage advice I recently received from the Heads of the Blogosphere Mafia (and the fact that there no are Liberal equivalents to wingnut homunculi like Mary Matalin dug in like ticks at Major Publishing Houses and eager to forcibly animate into Best Sellerdom any offal scraped from the Conservative blogger midden pile) I have come to understand that if my as-yet nonexistent and wholly theoretical book is to stand any chance of being anything other than a labor-intensive, money-losing timesuck, it absolutely, positively has to include vampires.

Well, OK...

As they do every Sunday:

[Deborah adds: I don't think it would be that much of a spoiler to tell you that Rachel Maddow looks fabulous in a simple black camisole and pants, and in place of a jeweled evening bag, is carrying the must-have accessory for every smart, authentic journalist (what few of them remain): the wooden stake.]

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