Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday Frank: Holiday in Berlin; The Bogus Pomp Orchestra with Jerry Outlaw; Tampa, 2004

St. Petersburg Zappaphiles (and those hailing from the Tampa area) are really, really fortunate in that we are home base to the band Bogus Pomp, a group of brilliant musicians the ranks of which include members of the Florida Orchestra and numerous teachers dedicated to playing the intricate and expansive compositions of the late Frank Zappa. So talented are Bogus Pomp, in fact, various musicians who played with FZ himself have traveled here to guest-star at their performances; Ike Willis and Jimmy Carl Black are just two that spring to mind.

(I'm feeling extra-fortunate this week because Son Two just began studying guitar with Jerry Outlaw, Bogus Pomp's fearless leader--see above--and one of the most talented artists I've ever had the pleasure of watching and listening to.)

Hooray for music! There it is, always, a momentary mental holiday that makes me immeasurably happy no matter how trying a week I've had.

Where do you go, musically speaking, when you want to get away?

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