Thursday, May 14, 2009

Jesse Ventura on Bush II, torture, legalization of drugs, surfing, and more

If you enjoy hearing straight-up language delivered by someone who's certainly been there (and there, and there, too), and you happened to miss Larry King's May 11th show, it is my pleasure to post for you herein the unique and thought-provoking words of Jesse Ventura, Minnesota's former governor (party: Independent), as well as a retired Navy SEAL, professional wrestler, author, actor, passionate surfer, and--as of this interview's airing--the first American politician I've heard pitch President Obama for the position of Ambassador to Cuba at some undetermined point in the future.


As you're aware, I'm a Florida-residing Brit, and I don't claim to know a great deal about Minnesota politics; based on this appearance, however, I can certainly say I'm impressed with Ventura's take on a number of hot-button topics. For example, Ventura, who was subjected to waterboarding during SERE training, states unequivocally that the "technique" IS, without question, torture. Point final.

In fact, Ventura says that if you were to give him Dick Cheney and a waterboard, in one hour he'd have Cheney confessing to the Sharon Tate murders.

Just watch the interview--parts one and two (the whole effort is not that long)--and you'll see what I mean. And perhaps, like me, you'll be wishing (again) that we could have an honest-to-goodness, full-throttle-powerful third party in this country. Because with respect to the very serious subject of war crimes, the cowardice, lies, diversionary tactics, and flat-out bullshit we've seen both Republicans AND Democrats serve up to the public these past several weeks--and that they've expected us to swallow whole so they can move on, country be damned, Constitution be damned--have turned my stomach and chilled my blood. Watch:

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