Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday Frank: A Zappadan Catch-up Post

Wow, what a week. Okay, make that month. Methinks it's high time I posted some fabulous Frank to cap off Zappadan and kick off the pre-Christmas weekend. [ I should point out that as with much of FZ's music, the lyrics might not be especially, er, work-safe--unless, of course, your co-workers and boss are Zappaphiles too.]

Let's travel back in time, then, to 1968, and visit the Royal Festival Hall, where Frank Zappa, the Mothers, and various orchestra members are performing a neoclassical piece entitled This Town is a Sealed Tuna Sandwich, which would later be featured in the film 200 Motels.

Guitar-heads will enjoy the solo in this one, Outside Now, performed in Paris in 1980:

And finally, here's our hero playing Florentine Pogen in L.A. back in 1974:

Bon Weekend, Happy Festivus, and Merry Zappadan everyone!

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