Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Babies For Barack

[Adorableness warning]

As someone who's been there, done that (having babies, I mean, not running for the office of President), may I just say--again--how genuinely warm and real a human being Barack Obama is. And as far as being a loving and devoted Dad, something you've undoubtedly read over and over by now? Well, observe how he mirrors the babies' various expressions and how he engages the babies and manages to ignore the crowds and cameras in order to connect with the actual person within all these fierce little creatures. And he makes face after goofy face, too, while doing that intuitive swaying thing* I recognize and remember all too well.

You know, I was rather mother-cat-like with my babies--I had to fight the urge to swipe them back from the arms of their own pediatrician--but I'd have trusted Senator Obama to hold any of my newborns: besides the fact that he's supremely natural with the wee bairns and has an obvious ability to charm them, he clearly knows to extend his index and middle fingers to support that heavy little bobble-head they tend to have when very tiny.


This very sweet Ramones-accompanied piece goes out to my wonderful Queen Mum.

Also at Cogitamus.

* Here's Part Two, which has movie footage--lots of kissing, hugging, and swaying--along with the still shots:

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