Thursday, September 11, 2008

Want Sarah Palin's Religion to Control What You Read?

Further to Stephen's excellent post about the unbelievable extremes to which Sarah Palin's fringe Christian church routinely goes, most chillingly in their efforts to draw converts, dominate communities, and dictate public policy, I'm posting this footage: it's ABC News (!) investigating (!!) Sarah Palin's book-banning attempt in Wasilla and even speaking to the librarian whom Palin fired and then rehired after a town-wide protest (she would later resign), as well as reporting (!!!) on the extremist religion that's behind Palin's wish to censor public libraries, among other things.

More like this, please, ABC. And everyone.

Via Brad at Sadly, No!, who says: "The Republicans are insulting your intelligence, America. Please do not prove them right."

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