Saturday, September 06, 2008

Indoor Sunshine: Your Saturday Reads

Three Four of My Favorite Guys edition, spotlighting worthwhile (and fresh!) bits and pieces to inform and amuse you.

Read something fabulous, funny, or infuriating today? Do tell! Comments are open for link-leaving and general, you know, commentary. As ever.

Anyway, start by heading over to TRex for some righteous anger and cautious hope about the state of the Fourth Estate (plus video evidence of the McCain camp's sneering disdain toward the public and, especially, toward the press whenever they actually try to do their jobs):

In my life, I figured “I’ve been obsessively refreshing ‘Swampland’ all day” would be something I’d be about as likely to say as “another tour de force from Rupert Everett” or “a vocal performance of stunning restraint and exquisite taste by Mariah Carey”, but there you go. I’ve been poised like a hawk on a wire all day waiting to see what Carney’s next move would be.

Sometime around the five o’clock whistle, we got this carefully worded bulletin. [...]

He’s right, of course, but exactly how is it all that different from what has been steadily streaming out the roof and down the rain gutters of the Bush White House for the last eight years? Hot and cold running propaganda. That aside, though, I salute this new found journalistic passion over at Time and wish them well on their quest. Seriously, Jay Carney shouldn’t have to be explaining “why it matters” to anyone. It should be completely self-evident why it matters.
Next, check out Bob Cesca's Goddamn Awesome blog; he has several things up today, including this, about the responsible, Amurika-lovin' fiscal conservative that is Sarah Palin:
Imagine if the Obamas were directly connected to a fringe political party whose founder said, "[T]he fires of Hell are glaciers compared to my hate for the American government." Talk radio would be screaming about this every day. The tapes would be aired on cable news over and over and over. The election would be over.
And in one of the comment threads, this:

His Rudeness on Rudy. Another classic.

Finally, here's Jon Stewart of the Daily Show tearing up the gender card this week:

Bon Weekend, everyone! And yes, Friday Frank will return next Friday--I'm giving the Magic YouTube Fairies a chance to refill the pipeline a bit, since everything I was finding lately was something I'd already posted.


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