Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Please Unplug My Arrogance

And Please Untangle My Arguments.

Via Rumproast:

"He hasn't earned my vote...he never calls...I'm a tiny bit ballot box is closed." I mean, really. How much power do you think these Power Chicks for Hillary would have under a McCain presidency? Here are a couple of clues: about as much as one would get from a wall socket in a foreclosed and abandoned house. About the same amount of power a hungry, homeless child has.

I completely agree that the two-party system sucks, and furthermore, will state that the Democratic party does not come close to representing all the ideals and policies dear to my heart.

To paraphrase Greg Palast, though, while the Dems' behavior may all too often be a slap in the face, the Republicans are coming at you with a sock full of bricks to the back of the head.

Certain bloggers would do well to remember this.

Turning a blind eye toward the practice of vote-withholding or spite-voting--or, Heaven forbid, encouraging one's followers to engage in it--and supporting a general You Can't Tell ME How to Vote attitude while failing to drive home the point that such behavior, particularly in swing states, can and will lead to a McCain inauguration in January, is to my mind the height of irresponsibility, at best.

And at worst, it's blatant ratfuckery. As progressives who care about things like not having our children sent to fight and die in Iran (or Georgia, or infinity and beyond), not having our reproductive choices curtailed even more than they already have been, and not having our nation fall further behind the rest of the world on matters like health care, alternative fuel development, and education, we must fight this petulant, juvenile mentality at every turn.

As Senator Clinton said in her wonderful speech last night: No way, no how, no McCain.

It's time to Put the Unseemly Manipulativeness Away.

(H/T TRex)

Also at Cogitamus.

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