Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday Frank: From 1968

This is a wonderful Very Vintage Frank music/film compilation. The piece has a witty, art-film quality thanks to its black-and-white footage, not to mention the unintentional special effects caused by the technological shortcomings of the era. Musicians featured herein:

FZ--guitar, piano, vocals
Don Preston--keyboards, electronics, vocals
Ian Underwood--alto sax, clarinet
Bunk Gardner--tenor sax, soprano sax
Motorhead Sherwood--tambourine, percussion, snorks
Roy Estrada--bass, vocals, gas mask
Jimmy Carl Black--drums
Arthur Dyer Tripp III--drums

Bon Weekend, everyone!

(H/T and thanks to bongolampo, who consistently uploads great Zappa videos.)

Also at Cogitamus.

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