Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday Frank: Improvisation (ca. 1978); With Tommy Mars & Terry Bozzio

When most of us fiddle around with guitars and keyboards and sticks, it tends to sound...well, like we're fiddling around.

When Frank Zappa, Tommy Mars, Terry Bozzio and company came out to play, though, it produced something I want to hear over and over (and indeed have played three times already, despite it being 8:30am here).

I'm actually pretty thrilled with YouTube today, since there were several fresh Zappa videos from which to choose. But this one! It seemed so appropriate, so weekend-wild and pitch-perfect for the kind of attitude one should have on a steamy summer Friday. And since the morning is moving along, I, too, should probably get busy: sitting in an ice-packed cooler in the garage is a nice fat watermelon that's just crying out for someone to puncture its rind with an ice pick or switchblade and upend a bottle of good vodka into it.

Summertime heat may suck, but summertime improvisation can rock in all the best ways if you know what you're doing.

Happy Friday the 13th and Bon Weekend, everyone!


(H/T andreabubus)

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