Monday, December 31, 2007

Jon Swift's Best of the Blogs 2007

If you haven't already done so, head over to the brilliant blog of "reasonable conservative" Jon Swift, author of the definitive post on Jonah Goldberg's magnum ludicrous, Liberal Fascism, and check out his broad offering of Best Posts as submitted by the bloggers themselves, including this one by Yours Truly. Lots and lots of great reading awaits--I was delighted to discover several compelling, new-to-me bloggers with whose work I was previously unfamiliar.

Jon's own pick? The above-mentioned post about Liberal Fascism. Partial as I am to anything brutally funny that manages to work LOLcats into the mix, I would say the Liberal Fascism post was right up there with Jon's best work, though as his fans already know, there was an awful lot of satirical goodness set forth by that guy in 2007--it's really hard to choose a favorite (Jon's Mothers' Day post, My Mother is a Terrible Person, for example? Gorgeous.)


Also at Cogitamus.

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