Wednesday, October 24, 2007

It's An Honor to be Nominated

I was surprised and delighted to learn that I've been nominated for a Florida Netroots Award for Best Writer. Genuine surprise and girlish delight aside, I am going to shamelessly ask for your vote all the same. (Embarrassment may indeed be part of growing up and being British, but living elsewhere in the hemisphere since age six seems to have dampened the old shame factor considerably--what can I say?)

There are only two days in which to vote, so please--as soon as you're able--e-mail Kenneth, President of the Florida Progressive Coalition, to support litbrit (that's me!) and this little corner of Left Blogistan, for Best Writer. The poll closes early Friday morning.

The entire ballot is posted at Florida Progressive Coalition's blog. Numerous terrific, talented, and deserving candidates--at least a few of whom are surely among your favorite reads--are nominated for awards, and I hope you'll support them, too. For your consideration:

Michael Hussey's superb Pushing Rope for Best National Blog.

Howard Troxler (of the St. Petersburg Times) and his Troxblog for Best Media Blog.

litbrit for Best Writer.

Florida Progressive Coalition for Netroots Organization of the Year.

Finally, let me thank everyone who takes a moment out of his day to stop by litbrit since its inception last year and share a bit of laughter, concern, outrage, and general appreciation for good music (and more)--oftentimes all in the same day*--and encourage you to peruse that ballot and check out the abundance of political passion and creative talent flourishing right here in the Sunshine State.

(And here you were, thinking we were all too busy getting suntans, drinking orange juice, and cultivating invasive Bushes to care very much about a progressive agenda. Wrong!)

* We are moving house this week and next, but posting will resume with gusto very soon, I promise.

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