Saturday, July 28, 2007

If You're the Praying Sort

Please put in a few good words for our boy Winston, the white Pitbull Terrier who wandered into Roberto's nursery--and our hearts--last winter, and saved Christmas. We just got word that he was shot five times last night (we were over at the St. Pete house); Roberto is already on his way to the vet's, and the boys and I will be leaving and heading there shortly. They think he'll make it--the bullets were small-caliber ones, and Win is a tough little guy, young and noble of spirit. The cruel dirtbag we believe to be responsible is a lousy shot, thankfully.

UPDATE: Winston is home! He's okay, though he's obviously feeling some "discomfort", as the doctors like to describe it. He's resting, and we expect he'll make a full recovery. The bullets were 25's, we believe, full metal jackets. All five went straight through the muscle tissue of his legs and sides. He's earned himself a nickname now: Winston "50 Cent" Tornello.

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