Friday, July 06, 2007

Friday Frank: G-Spot Tornado; with Ensemble Modern, 1992

The dancers are fantastic, especially the woman, reenacting a G-spot tornado of sorts while respecting the German equivalent of a PG-13 rating. Watch FZ's face when the camera closes in: his expression is one of pure amusement and glee.

Mr. Zappa himself acknowledged the diverse styles comprising his body of work and said he didn't think there was any one person who loved the classical compositions, the comedy bits, and the guitar albums. But then, he never met me. Or, for that matter, Robert, who was privileged to be living in the States--near the Filmore West, no less--when the Mothers came onto the scene; he's one of a small handful of people I know privileged to have seen the Master live and in person many times.

I believe this is one of FZ's last performances.

Bon Weekend, everyone.

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