Friday, May 04, 2007

Friday Frank: A Musical Scrapbook With Opinions

Frank Zappa was the mad scientist of music, period. He was the Mozart of the 20th Century.
-- Warren Cuccurullo

Anyone whose influences are Johnny Guitar Watson and Edgar Varese, I'll sign up for.
-- Billy Bob Thornton

He was completely ahead of his time. Years--decades--ahead of his time. Even now, I think, his music is still ahead of its time.
-- Napoleon Murphy Brock

Frank's solos were like sonic sculptures; he never did the same thing twice, unless it was a particular melody line that was integral to the song.
-- Steve Vai

From the documentary series Classic Albums, a scrapbook of verbal and musical riffs courtesy of Frank and friends.

Candy for aficionados; an excellent primer for those new to Frank's mad genius.

Bon Weekend, everyone.

(H/T HulloX)

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