Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Five Things No-one Knows

Oh dear, Riddley has tagged me with the Five Unknown Things meme. This could be tricky, since I am a talkative sort, and the people I talk to are talkative sorts, ergo not too much about me is unknown at this point. But let's see...

  1. When I was in high school, which was when we first moved to the States, I was never asked for a single date. Not even proms or Christmas dances--nothing. No boy even called me to meet him somewhere, not for pizza or a movie, not for the entire three years I was at Miami Palmetto Senior High School (I'm not bitter or anything). Well, there was this one double date of which I could have been part: my best friend Michelle and her boyfriend needed a date for his out-of-town friend to go to a fancy pre-Superbowl banquet and fĂȘte (the big game was in Miami that year). But my Dad said No Way, I was too young to be doing such a thing. And truth be told, I was a bit younger than my classmates. Okay, about a year and a half younger, which today hardly seems like an age difference at all.
  2. I know how to make French seams, tailors' tacks, welt pockets, and gores.
  3. I can climb trees really well. Even with a very girly level of upper-body strength, I'm able to get myself to the top of any decent climbing tree, mainly due to lower-body strength and flexibility combined with no fear of heights whatsoever.
  4. Although it is practically my country's National Dish, I could not stand roast beef as a little girl, and if it happened to be on the table (and therefore on my plate) at Sunday dinner, I would carefully spit it into my napkin and transfer the nasty little balls of chewed beef into the rubbish afterwards, when everyone was busy clearing the table (sorry Mum). I stopped eating meat altogether about twenty-five years ago, but that part isn't unknown.
  5. I know how to pick many types of locks as well as how to hot-wire a car (the older sort, before the computerization of ignitions). These skills I learned from my friends in college, almost all of whom were male (see Thing One, above).

I tag Kona, Stephen, JackGoff, SAP, and Quaker Dave, all of whom are stand-up guys!

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