Tuesday, February 13, 2007

More Like Corporassionate

Marie-Antoinette says: Mais non, the world is MINE!

You can't make this stuff up (my bolds):

Okay, his interviewer said mildly, but what he'd really wanted to know was how (George W.) Bush Republicans would be defined, and what images the phrase "Bush Republican" might summon for future generations.

And suddenly, it was 2000 again; Mr. Bush did not mention 9/11 or the global war on terror, Iraq or Afghanistan, Saddam or bin Laden: "Compassionate conservatism" was his legacy, he declared, and referred to the faith-based initiatives we haven't heard much about in subsequent years. "I made a name by being compassionate."

(To learn more about this cornerstone of the Bush years, I referred to the White House website, where I learned that key accomplishments in this area in 2006 include a pilot program that houses 141 homeless veterans in Chicago. Additionally, North Dakota became the first state to fully implement an extended web-based service referral system, and centers for faith-based and community initiatives hosted 110 grant-writing workshops around the country.)

A new Bush-inspired adjective is herewith submitted by litbrit for your approval:

Corporassionate [adj.] Having or showing compassion for, or being sympathetic toward, large corporations, esp. those with histories of making huge campaign contributions and/or supplying one with amenities. i.e. use of corporate jet, golfing trips, gambling parties, donuts and prostitutes.

(via Melinda Henneberger at HuffPo)

Also at Shakes' place.

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