Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Meet The F*ckers

So, asks one reader, Is this Mr. Litbrit aka Robert person real? Or is he a figment of your imagination, a sort of literary device for your stories?

Gentle Reader, I assure you: with the exception of one small story in the Magical Mystery Meme post, everything I write here is non-fiction. If it's completely made-up, you'll know because the words WARNING! Fabrications ahead! will appear somewhere after Once Upon a Time... Robert is real, as are Sons One through Three, as are all furry, feathered, and scale-sporting friends, the adventures of whom are chronicled herein.

Anyway, another reader asked why I don't post some family photographs. I think most parents can understand my squickishness when it comes to putting pictures of my little ones on the Big Bad Intertubes. Shots of Robert, shots of me--no problem: we're grownups; we can properly consent to it. So can the boys, when they're grownups, too. In the meantime, however, I thought these South Park cariacatures of us, which I created at a totally cool South Park DIY site that Shakes turned me on to, would provide good visuals for my stories.

South Park Robert is so spot-on, he looks more like the actual man than Robert himself does.

Ah, you can say that about all of the characters in my life and stories, really. Check them out:

Son Three, the smallest and loudest.

Son Two, my clairvoyant little Cuddle Bunny.

Son One, The Dictator (and arbiter of All That is Cool).

Mr. Litbrit, also variously known as Robert, Roberto, and Dad.

Yours Truly, litbrit.

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