Wednesday, September 13, 2006

It Rhymes With Dire

Watch as a mainstream media journalist--Matt Lauer of NBC's Today show--finally corners George W. Bush on the issue of torture and keeps on pushing for answers. Pay attention to the president's posture, his movements, his snippiness-turning-to-aggression (getting in Matt's face, with his wagging finger mere centimeters away from him), and most of all, his eyes. Andrew Sullivan notes:

Three cheers for Matt Lauer. He's the first mainstream journalist I know of to directly confront the president over what exactly he has authorized in terms of detainee treatment and torture. Watch the president's body-language. Watch his early aggression. And repeat after me the obvious: We Torture.

Boxers aflame. Trunks up in smoke. Slacks combusting. Trousers blazing...

(Hat tip to Jonathan)

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