Monday, June 26, 2006

Bravo Totti!

Such a beautiful...penalty kick.

When it comes to football, one might say the boys of Casa Litbrit are un poco pazzi. Crazy. And today's Italy-Australia match had Mama gnawing at her nails: the score would not budge from 0:0 and it went right down to the wire. It would be up to Francesco Totti, he of the recently-healed Bionic leg. Unlike many athletes who find themselves in the vice-grip of such pressure, Totti barely paused for a millisecond before delivering a heart-stopping penalty kick into the goal, securing Italy's place in the World Cup quarterfinals.

As for my three Italo-brits, an interesting conundrum--a conflict of DNA, if you will--may befall them should England and Italy face each other in the final. For whom will they cheer? Or will it be an authentic case of win-win?

Imagine: Beckham...Totti. Ah, it's all good.

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