Thursday, March 23, 2006

I Heart Keith Olbermann

Did anyone catch MSNBC's Countdown With Keith Olbermann last night? NBC's Today Show yesterday morning featured an interview with broadcast personality Laura "I'm just as hot and edgy as Anne Coulter" Ingraham, who spewed some pretty jaw-dropping verbiage that insulted journalists in Iraq, NBC's journalists in particular. Ingraham accused these brave souls of reporting from their fancy hotel balconies and focusing on all the nasty bomby-things going off instead of venturing into Iraq proper and talking about what she apparently thinks is the real, rosy truth of the situation there: freshly-painted schools and newly-opened supermarkets.

Well, later in the day, Keith O. came out swinging:

A note about Laura Ingraham's comments. I've known her a long time. I'll in fact give you the caveat that I've known her socially. But that hotel balcony crack was unforgivable. In was unforgivable to the memory of David Blum, it was unforgivable in consideration of Bob Woodruff and Doug Vought, unforgivable in light of what happened to Michael Kelly and what happened to Michael Weiskopft. It was unforgivable with Jill Carroll still a hostage in Iraq. And it was not only unforgivable of her; it was desperate and it was stupid.

Crooks & Liars has the video.

My hero. *Sigh*.


  1. Keith O is the best thing in TV news today. I never miss Countdown. A few months ago, I agreed to be a Neilsen ratings family for the sole purpose of trying to boost his ratings.

    Unfortunate side effect is that he may have increased Laura's standing with the loons. C'est la guerre.

  2. ...perhaps finally some from msm are beginning to speak up, speak out ... if only some more of the Dems will follow Feingold's lead...the New Yorkers in attendence at the Daily Show left no question of their support for his efforts......