Friday, February 08, 2008

Sentence of the Week?

On Wednesday, I nominated Stephen, who quipped,
"The vagina-voters will square off against the melanin-movement in a bloody battle for the soul of the Democratic party"

for Cogitamus Phrase of the Week. Today, I'd like to nominate Mister Leonard Pierce of Sadly, No! for All-Around Sentence of the Week (which I can do, you see, because phrases and sentences are different things, okay? Also, I'm a contributor and you're not.)

Anyway, Mister Pierce, who is bravely covering CPAC (hope you remembered your pinstriped hazmat suit and biohazard masks, sir) describes the crowd's reaction to John McCain thus:

He goes on to say the word “conservative” about eleventy seven billion more times, but honestly, he goes over like a lead balloon encased in a lead safe that has been thrown out of a lead airplane while someone plays Led Zepplein III.

Feel free to use comments to nominate any bits of lovely you've come across in recent days.

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