Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Alan Grayson running for Congress; vows to fight Washington's culture of "Meanies and Weenies"

All of this compromise hasn't accomplished anything useful for anybody on our side...the President should be saying to people, "The Republican party is cruel; the Republican party is bigoted; the Republican party cares only about tax breaks for the rich."

-- Congressman-to-once-again-be Alan Grayson, D-FL


Yesterday, Alan Grayson declared his candidacy; my Mum and Dad's lost cat Manuel suddenly showed up at their door after worrying everyone sick for a week (and he seems no worse for wear); and I baked an enormous pan of Georgia peach cobbler which my lads thoroughly enjoyed, hot from the oven, with vanilla Häagen-Dazs melting in rivulets all over it. Not bad for a Monday, and sweltering summer Monday at that!

What's making you happy this week?


  1. What would make me happy this week is a raft of Grayson-like candidates cropping up around the entire country.

    I suspect I shall be disappointed.

  2. Ray, I agree: More Congresscritters with spines, please!

    Still, given how brutal life under the micoscope tends to be and how precious few of us would be able to withstand the extra scrutiny inherent in running for high public office when one has a D after one's name, I am grateful for the few true lefties who are willing to do it at all.

    We lost a good'un in Anthony Weiner. I want Russ Feingold back. For now, I am just so pleased we've got Grayson running.

  3. Grayson back to Congress … that would be great news! (Although I can think of another branch of government where his contributions would be even more appreciated.)

  4. I heart Alan Grayson!

    But I bet the Dems hate him as much as they claim to hate the Repubs.