Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Antonio Vivaldi; from the Four Seasons, Summer; with Children of Bodom

Time to re-post this terrific version of Antonio Vivaldi's Summer, played with exquisite skill by Children of Bodom, also known as Alexi Laiho and Roope Latvala of Finland.

With a huge hat-tip and hug to my darling death-metal-appreciating Son One, who is now the tallest Tornello, having swiped that distinction from me earlier in the year.

The mercury that no-one actually uses to measure temperature any more is metaphorically climbing ever-higher. It reminds me of the Summer of '99, in fact, when we fled the state one July weekend in hopes of finding cooler air in upstate New York. The joke was on us, though--New York was having a heat wave to end all heat waves, with triple digit temperatures leading to buckled asphalt and bridge closings. Fun! (Did I mention I was seven months pregnant at the time? How could I forget. I should also point out that as lovely as century-old farmhouses are, they tend to be utterly bereft of modern conveniences, like, say, air conditioning.)

So, how are you keeping your cool this week?

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