Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday Frank: Outrage at Valdez; 1992, Frankfurt

Frank Zappa originally wrote this beautiful neoclassical piece, entitled Outrage at Valdez, for the Cousteau Society's documentary Alaska: Outrage at Valdez, which appeared on TBS in 1990. Performed by Zappa and the Ensemble Modern, it is also featured on Zappa's album The Yellow Shark. Notice the wide variety of instruments Zappa employs for this composition, which includes a lute, a bassoon, and a harp.

In case anyone is paying attention to what the judiciary branch of our government is up to these days, Exxon has been arguing--forcefully arguing--against paying a $2.5 billion punitive award to Alaskans. The corporation have spent $3.4 billion in cleanup costs over the past 18+ years; however, the environmental and economic damage to Alaska were, and remain, catastrophic. At this point, though, Exxon do not feel they owe, or should have to pay, any punitive damages, long-respected tenets of maritime law notwithstanding. The case is now before the Supreme Court and a decision is not expected until July of this year.

I therefore dedicate this piece to the animals and citizens of Prince William Sound, Alaska.

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