Sunday, March 02, 2008

Et Tu, Frank? Et Tu?

Today's Frank Rich column had me shaking my head in amazement (emphasis mine):

BEFORE they were sidetracked into a new war against The New York Times, the Rush Limbaugh posse had it right about John McCain. He is a double agent. Some Democrats do admire and like him. So does Jon Stewart, and so do many liberal editorial boards and card-carrying hacks in the mainstream American press. So, in fact, do many at The Times, including myself. As long as I don’t look too hard at the fine print.

And in his concluding paragraph he says:

A few more “macaca” moments for the nearly all-white G.O.P. could spell its doom. Recognizing the backlash that has followed the racially tinged smears leveled at Mr. Obama so far, Mr. McCain wasted no time in publicly scolding the right-wing radio talk-show host who railed against Barack Hussein Obama at one of his rallies last week. Or perhaps, as those of us who like Mr. McCain want to believe, he is simply a man of honor: he knows that history will judge him exactingly on how he runs against America’s first black or female presidential nominee, win or lose.

Or perhaps, as those of us who are not gullible, Hero-supporting, Macho-Macho-Man-worshipping sheep with blindfolders surgically affixed to their skulls--as well as those of us whose paychecks do not sport the logo of any traditional media outlet--are able to see, Senator McCain is, in reality, a once-brave, once-admirable hero who long ago squandered his Honorable Man bona fides in favor of a relentless quest for the Good Life. Yet the usually level-headed Rich seems to think otherwise, and says, more than once, that he likes McCain. He also continues to think that he's honorable.


I guess Mr. Rich somehow missed all those accounts of lobbying and influence-peddling and Palm Beach parties followed by sweetheart letters to the FCC and soft money donations and, oh yeah, the de facto Lobbyists-R-Us office that's operating right on board the Straight Talk Express.

And bullshit-colored is the new black.

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