Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Second Blogiversary

Exactly two years ago, I typed out the introductory post for my very first blog. Back then it was called The Last Duchess after a favorite Browning poem; later, I decided to use my online nickname, litbrit, which was simpler and far better known around Left Blogistan.

I've come to think of litbrit as a digital version of the spiral-bound pad I used to cannibalize for writing notes to friends or scribble in when I was supposed to be paying attention in trigonometry; a place to express my outrage--no matter that few people, if any, would be likely to lay eyes upon it--as well as a canvas of sorts, a place to hope and dream and sketch out my thoughts.

It's cliché, but I'll say it anyway: the time, she flies. So, before another year goes zooming past, let me take a moment to thank the many readers and fellow bloggers who've long been visiting (or only recently stumbled onto) my little outpost of eclectic ramblings. You're wonderful, inspiring friends, and I hope you know you're always invited to see what I've been up to back here at my desk while the Serious Stuff continues its neverending chalk-march across the blackboard.

And like all inveterate note-scribblers, I love it when people write back.


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