Saturday, January 26, 2008

Paragraph of the Week

Writing about this week's report from the Center for Public Integrity about the decidedly unsavory Lies Flambée with Roasted Fabrications in Falsehood Sauce on a bed of Mashed Mendacity that Bush et. al. served (and continues to serve) the country on a baldfaced platter, The Rude Pundit says:

And what about the word "lies"? Shall we get meta here? Ari Fleischer, a man who, even if truth was an armless war orphan who had seen both her parents disemboweled and hung by their own intestines, would bend it over his lectern and rape it in front of the gathered press (who would dutifully report that truth was asking for it with her seductive tears), blustered in September 2002: "Iraq also accused President Bush of engaging in lies and falsehoods." Or George Bush, describing, one imagines, Saddam Hussein, in that same month: "This is a man who continually lies. This is a man who does not know the truth. This is a man who is a threat to peace."

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