Monday, March 05, 2007

To Fight For The Right Without Question Or Pause

Ah, Monday morning fun. I can't imagine how Max Blumenthal of The Nation was able to get himself and his cameraman into the CPAC to-do this weekend, but they managed to secure some excellent footage, including a little smackdown of Ann Coulter and a meet-'n-greet with Flipper, the anti-Romney dolphin.

The pièce de résistance, though, was Blumenthal approaching Michelle Malkin and asking her to autograph a black-and-white photograph--one showing dozens of Japanese Americans standing behind a tall, barbed-wire fence in an internment camp--along with her notorious book, In Defense of Internment. Malkin bristles, becomes unhinged--saying she was "all for honest, intellectual debate" and had published an errata page afterwards--and then, when asked if she's admitting she'd made mistakes, says Yes, I made a lot of errors, and storms off into the crowd, abandoning her Hot Air booth and ignoring questions about whether she'd learned anything journalistically. It's interesting that her blog post describes the incident somewhat differently:

Two punks from The Nation with a camera stopped by my book signing to ambush me about In Defense of Internment. Have they bothered to read the book? No. I look forward to their butchering of my comments and the predictable unhinged reaction.

Heh heh. Blumenthal clearly introduces himself, but is referred to as a punk who hasn't read her book (I'm uncertain how she'd know what he has and hasn't read). And of course, there's no mention of that heart-wrenching photograph. But the film clearly shows that the only butchering going on is Malkin's time-honored treatment of the, er, facts.

Perhaps she'll issue another erratum.

Also at Ezra's place.

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