Friday, March 02, 2007

The Rolling Stones On Top Of The Pops: Let's Spend The Night Together ('67)

We loved Top of the Pops when I was little. In this episode, an almost-baby-faced Mick Jagger dances his peacock dance and sings Let's Spend The Night Together while the balance of the Stones are near-motionless, really; a troupe of wooden garden gnomes holding instruments would seem more animated. My memory of this Stones appearance is a fairly shapely one, and I can see them on our television screen, black and white ghosts boxed up and hovering in the low sixties greenness of our living room. So I must have watched it when it aired, from which fact I can also deduce that this excellent Top of the Pops ran in the early part of 1967, right before we left England, never to live there again.

Bon Weekend, everyone.

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