Thursday, January 18, 2007

War And Peace In Fayetteville

A military spouse protests peacefully, reminding neighbors that America is not just the home of the brave, but also the land of the free.

Living in a military town isn’t going to stop Catherine McLin from protesting the war in Iraq.

Nor will those who destroy the “No War” signs she puts in the front yard of her home on Morganton Road.

“I plan to keep putting them up,” McLin said Tuesday.

She put up a sign, made of discarded patio blinds and wood, on Thursday. It was only hours before it was destroyed, she said.

“Someone had a heyday with it,” McLin said. “They took it apart and scattered debris all over the yard.”

Undaunted, she went back to work and created several smaller signs that she has put on her front lawn.

She said she lobbied her neighbors and nearby residents to put signs in their yards. Three people agreed to do so, McLin said; 30 turned down her request.

McLin, a military wife, said she wasn’t surprised at the reaction. After all, this is a military town. She and her husband moved to Fayetteville in July and bought their home in September.

Having been there, peacefully speaking, I feel for Ms. McLin; I was fortunate to have only one naysayer, whereas she has to deal with an entire military townful of them. Still, three more residents have joined the effort--more are sure to follow.

(Hat tip to PSoTD.)

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