Saturday, July 01, 2006

Marley and His Siblings

Clockwise, from top left: Marley, Helena, Lance, Michael, Shaniqua (hiding under Michael's paws) and White Socks

Last fall, my hard drive crashed (probably due to my Powerbook's battery overheating, which was recalled shortly thereafter). With it went a lot of precious photographs, to my endless horror, many of which I was able to recover from Roberto's computer. Not the above shot, though. This morning, my friend Lisa in Baltimore reminded me that she still had the kitties-on-the-condo picture in her email files, and she was kind enough to send it. I thought readers might enjoy seeing Marley and his brothers and sisters as babies.

We have two cats at the nursery/farm (Ally and Giulia) as well as Maisy here in St. Pete, plus several big dogs; it wasn't possible to keep all six kittens indefinitely. Still, it was very, very hard to part with these beauties. Today, they're all healthy and happy--renamed and well-loved--and they're getting the personal attention that cats so adore.

Bon Weekend!

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