Sunday, April 02, 2006

A Naughty Alternative Slogan for Dems

Sometimes one makes an offhand, wiseacre comment and realizes later that it was actually a pretty good idea.

Case in point: a while ago, a Question of the Day at Shakespeare's Sister challenged commenters to come up with a Democratic Party slogan that had a bit more, er, teeth than the wimpy "Together We Can Do Better" one they appear to be going with this year. My snarky little contibution was this:

Vote Democrat: Blowjobs Are Better Than No Jobs

It was suggested by several similarly dirty-minded sorts that I turn it into a bumpersticker right away. One bumpersticker, several t-shirts, a coffee mug and a cheeky dog sweater, coming up...

With the kind art/layout help of Grumpy Old Man, I set up a Cafepress shop with bumperstickers, t-shirts, etc. with the slogan "Vote Democrat Blowjobs Are Better Than No Jobs". It's a simple design, with blue (of course) lettering on white, with the exception of the black t-shirt and bumpersticker, which have light blue lettering on black. Everything is priced at cost, which is to say, only that which Cafepress charges, with no markup or profit margin added.

The Cafepress shop is called, naturally, snarkfest.

Adult and canine sizes only, by the way.

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